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University of Wollongong (Academic Staff) Enterprise Agreement 2015

By January 25, 2022No Comments

The University of Wollongong (UOW) is a leading research institution in Australia that is known for its exceptional academic staff and innovative research programs. In 2015, the university entered into an enterprise agreement with its academic staff, which laid out the terms and conditions of their employment.

Under this agreement, academic staff at the UOW are entitled to a range of benefits and entitlements that are designed to support their professional development and well-being. These include flexible working arrangements, access to professional development opportunities, and generous leave entitlements.

One of the key provisions of the agreement is the recognition of the importance of work-life balance for academic staff. The UOW has committed to providing flexible working arrangements that enable staff to balance their work commitments with their personal and family responsibilities. This includes the option of working part-time, reduced hours, and job sharing.

Another important feature of the agreement is the commitment to fostering a positive and supportive workplace culture. The UOW has committed to providing a workplace that is free from harassment and discrimination, and that promotes respect, diversity, and inclusivity. The university has also established a range of policies and procedures to support staff who may be experiencing difficulties in the workplace.

In addition to these provisions, the agreement also includes a range of other benefits and entitlements for academic staff. These include generous leave entitlements, access to professional development opportunities, and provisions for career development and progression.

Overall, the UOW enterprise agreement 2015 reflects the university`s commitment to supporting and recognizing the important work that its academic staff do. By providing a range of benefits and entitlements that support work-life balance, professional development, and career progression, the UOW is able to attract and retain some of the best academic talent in the country.
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